The Easiest Way To Create A Custom Business Plan

Everyone needs a business plan but it’s hard to know where to get started. I’ve created this tool as a simple and straight-forward way to help you get organized, so you can better execute on your goals.

Each module will guide you through the steps that are the most important to your business: Finance, Marketing and Operations. You can go back and make changes at any time and when you’re done you’ll have a print-friendly outline of your goals.

Make it happen!


This is where the dream begins!

We’ll start with how much you want to make this year. Don’t be afraid to think big! After answering a few questions, our back end computer will crunch the numbers and spit out the magic number of homes you’ll need to sell to meet your goal.

In 1 month I want to make:


So I need to sell:

0 homes

My goal in 1:


Total Volume


Average Sales Price


Average Commission


Monthly Sales


How are you going to achieve your goal?

In this section you will select pillars of business that will provide leads and referrals. I’ll supply you with some examples of my action items but I encourage you to make customizations. These pillars and action items will be the foundation for growing your business.


Execute and make it happen!

The final stage of your business plan will lay out the actual tasks that need to be done by you and/or your team members to ensure your business runs smoothly. This will give you an overview of your responsibilities in order to help you focus on what needs to get done.